Fergoli Lift Systems™ is America's premiere commercial and consumer truck-bed loader. 

The Fergoli™ will safely load 1,500 lbs. 3 feet away from the trucks tailgate when it’s down. It will load 1,000 lbs. when it is 6.5 feet away from the truck. And 500 lbs. when it is extended completely out. The Fergoli™ has undergone an official load test completed by a certified firm. These certifications are recognized by OSHA and are in full compliance in the crane and ANSI standards.

Fergoli™ Features 

The Fergoli™ takes up no bed space as it mounts on top of the bed rails.

Unique scissor action.

The Fergoli™ can mount on ANY pickup or flatbed truck of 1 ton or smaller.

The Fergoli™ provides excellent rollover protection.

No physically straining work. The user simply connets the material to the Fergoli™ and pushes the control button to load..

Fergoli Lift Systems

Applications and options for the Fergoli™ are endless. In video above the Fergoli™ is lifting a Bobcat bucket into the bed of a pickup truck.

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