About the Fergoli™ 

The concept for the lift system was conceived in 2006 while watching the struggles of some friends loading a Rhino side-by-side into the bed of a pickup truck. It never ended well after many attempts. That’s when I thought of lifting the items from the Top. “Roll Cage”. It turns out that the lift can be used for just about anything that someone wants to lift or load into a truck. It is designed with Safety in mind to keep from Overloading the truck and has its limits. Sometimes YOU JUST NEED A BIGGER TRUCK and forklift.

The lift is universal and fits most trucks with little modifications. Dodge and Ford just require drilling 6-1” holes to allow the hydraulic hoses to pass thru the inner bed wall to the underside of the truck to the pump unit. GM trucks require more work.Some notching on the sides of the inner truck bed walls is required. The Fergoli can also be modified to work on trailers and can roll the length of the trailer to eliminate any waisted space on the trailer deck. The strength is provided by the universal Sub-Structure which bolts to the frame in the Manufactures pre-drilled holes, IE “the tow bar” holes at the back of the trucks frame. No drilling necessary. The “Universal Substructure” is unique and is fully adjustable to accept all of the load that is exerted by the lift. The pickup bed takes no weight as the Substructure upright posts extend thru the bedrail pockets, found on all pickup trucks.

The 12 volt hydraulic pump is the heart of the system and is the same kind that is used on modern day Tow-trucks, and comes with an additional wireless Remote Control. Or the hard wired controller that plugs into the rear bumper next to the trailer light receiver. The pump produces 3200 psi but 2700 psi is all that is needed.

The unit can be installed by 2 mechanically inclined people in half a day, or shorter with more installation experience.

The Fergoli™ is a working Machine and can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Basic construction job site skills are needed to insure safe usage.

The Fergoli™ Lift was designed by Crane Operators, Heavy Field Mechanics and Riggers over many years to come up with a safe loading system that eliminated the use dangerous winches and cables, and has built in Safety Valves, incase the pump fails, keeping the object from falling.

When the Fergoli™ is completely retracted and securely locked in the stowed position in the bed of the  truck,it would prove to be an extremely strong Roll Cage since it is attached to the frame and truck bed in 8 different mounting locations. The Right Angels that are designed into the Bulkhead “Rack” have been used by builders for thousands of years and are our building blocks of construction.

The Fergoli™ has a completed Utility Patent with 20 claims and the Substructures are Patent-Pending.

If the Fergoli™ would of been thought of 30 years ago, tens of thousands of fatalities and millions of injuries might of been prevented. And, possibly every truck manufactured today might be simply designed to accept the device as an option.

Fergoli Lift Systems

Applications and options for the Fergoli™ are endless. In video above the Fergoli™ is lifting a Bobcat bucket into the bed of a pickup truck.

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